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Palmer Cemetery is not a Perpetual Care cemetery and does not receive any funds, so the preservation, upkeep, and care of the cemetery comes from your generous donations! We greatly appreciate anything you can contribute. All donations are tax deductable. We hope that you would consider making a donation to help keep Palmer Cemetery up and running.
The easiest way to donate to the cemetery is through Paypal. Just click the button below to help preserve a part of Fishtown's history!

Or, if you'd like, you can also make checks or money orders payable to:
Palmer Cemetery, P.O. Box 3663, Philadelphia, PA 19125.

In Memory Of...

A donation was made in the memory of Joseph F. Lewis (1835-1898). Joseph was not buried in Palmer Cemetery, although he lived in Kensington at the time of his death. Joseph was a Civil War Veteran, and a recipient of the Grand Army Badge in 1865. He was buried at the Bellevue Cemetery in Kensington in 1898 and his remains were moved to the Philadelphia Memorial Park in Frazer PA. when Bellevue Cemetery was closed in 1951. Please consider making a donation in memory of your loved one, whether they are buried in Palmer Cemetery or elsewhere.